Have you ever wondered why Grantco stands out as the most cost-effective letting agent in Bournemouth and Christchurch? It's a question we frequently encounter, and we're delighted to shed light on the secret that sets us apart.

Our answer is simple: It's all about efficiency in the process! Just take a look at our reviews, and you'll notice a common theme - our clients praise our remarkable efficiency.

But let's dive deeper into the core of our operation by unveiling our unique business model right here in this blog.

Let's start by understanding the typical fees charged by conventional letting agents in Bournemouth, Christchurch, or Poole. They often hit you with a laundry list of fees, including management fees, inspection fees, tenancy renewal fees, setup fees per tenancy, deposit administration fees, and more. In contrast, consider Grantco's fees – we're not just affordable; we're impressively cost-effective. We have two fees, Management £49.00 and one time set up fee of £450.00 that’s it!

Traditional agent in Bournemouth

Year 1 £1965.00

Year 2 £1965.00


Our Fee

Year 1 £1038.00

Year 2 £588.00

In Year 1, £1038.00 at Grantco compared to the staggering £1965.00 you'd pay a traditional Bournemouth agent. Year 2? Even more savings, with just £588.00 at Grantco.

Now, you might be wondering, how can we be nearly 50% cheaper while providing an even better service? Well, the secret is in our approach. As a Director, a landlord, and a seasoned Handyman, we've invested substantially in optimizing our processes and trimming our office costs. These savings are passed directly on to you, our valued landlords.

we don't splurge on advertising our agency. Why not, you ask? It's simple; all our clients come to us through recommendations. With all the energy we save from not advertising, we can focus on showcasing and marketing your property effectively.

we've forged a strategic partnerships with one of the UK's largest online agencies. This partnership ensures that your property gets the spotlight it deserves on platforms like Rightmove, Zoopla, and onthemarket.

But that's not all; we've got another trick up our sleeves – staff training. We've cultivated a team of experts who know the ropes inside and out. They get the job done efficiently, meaning we don't waste a moment of your time.

So, there you have it – the captivating story of how Grantco is redefining cost-effectiveness and excellence in the world of letting agents. Stick around, and you'll discover why we're the smart choice for landlords in Bournemouth and Christchurch."

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