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Grantco Lettings agent in Bournemouth. Understanding Mould & Mildew

Having worked in estate and letting agents in Bournemouth for over a decade, Mildew and mould have been something that we have come across on many occasions.

But treating these issues can often be a mixture of house housewife tales and salt-over-the-door advice which simply isn’t adequate!

In this blog, we will talk about mould and mildew removal with recommendations! Just to be clear damp is very different to mould and mildew.

To understand, think of mildew as the lesser of mould. Mould is usually dark black spots and can spread very quickly if not treated straightaway! Mildew is light grey and tends to be in isolated areas less prone to spreading.

From our experience dealing with lettings management in Bournemouth, most people will recommend Diluted bleach will kill mould, but this will only kill the surface to kill mould effectively you will need to use anti fungicide to prevent it from reproducing and this also goes for Mildew. One of the best products we have used is HG Mould spray which is found in most stores such Screwfix & Tescos. Simply spray and leave it to work its magic.  You can find link to the product here LINK FOR MOULD SPRAY

Things not to do! In the past, we have seen both landlords and tenants in Bournemouth paint over mould, thinking that will fix the issue but unfortunately, it only hides it for a matter of months before it's eaten through the paint. treating and then painting!

When is mould most active? July, August, and September are when it is most prevalent.

Causes: can be a mixture of reasons not entirely down to the building nor the tenant more so unintentional combined effort. If the property is experiencing damp rectifying, this will help reduce moisture internally.

Reducing moisture in the home is key! Moisture can be generated by Clothes drying indoors, Bathrooms without proper ventilation, Kitchens without external extractor fans, large number of occupants in small places, Poor cleaning schedules, and Damp issues. or Incorrect paint being used in wet zones such kitchens and bathrooms. Often standard emulsion used in bathrooms and kitchens can provide a blank canvas for mould to grow.

Short list of things to check when you find mould:

  • Is your extractor fan clean and working in both bathroom & kitchen
  • Dose your windows have trickle vents
  • Do you have any leaks
  • Is your place big enough for the amount of occupants
  • Is it just one area the mould is located

How to treat & prevent mould?

We suggest using anti-fungicide spray as this will kill mould at the source and once any damp and ventilation issues have been rectified.

You can buy anti-mould paint addictive to mix into standard emulsion this is the most cost-effective way 50ml to 2.5 Liters of paint or you can purchase specialist anti mould paint from the two companies provided below along with a range of other products from damp proofing to ventilation.

ACS Limited and Permagard

(As a letting agent in Bournemouth we like to share and demonstrate our knowledge to both tenants and Landlords) and if you feel that you may need to utilise our management expertise in the future why not book for free chat